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Artist Lounge : OPEN SALON


This Friday the Artist Lounge returns to Newport and we open this first instalment with an ‘Open Salon’ open to all creative art practitioners, students and general public.  The first of our monthly get togethers, we’re inviting appreciators of Art and creativity to get together and informally talk about what they love doing best. From this experience we hope to spur conversation and to help develop the monthly gathering into becoming a fun, relaxed and helpfull resource for creatives. We have even added a little poll on the event page to help stir some ideas of how the Artist Lounge could develop based upon what our arts community need 😀

As part of our first event, we’re inviting everyone to bring ONE piece of artwork, any medium, and size, to the space, and we’ll install an exhibition of all the work on the night. For music / video work, please bring a file on USB on the night and we’ll collate a show reel to display. Creative spaces we think come alive with varying types of art.

The purpose of the Open Salon is to open the doors to new-comers and just share the art love across our city. We are open, inclusive and supporting of all work. What better way to open up conversation than talking about creative work?

Whether you come to talk about Newport, discuss projects, meet new people or just relax in a creative environment – it’s up to you! Artist Lounge will become what you make it.

For more information, drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter on @Project_Space_ or our website

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