Maisie-Jo Clifford talks with women about emotional vulnerability

Creative and Therapeutic Arts student Maisie-Jo Clifford will be at The Project Space talking with women about emotional vulnerability.

Image © Maisie-Jo Clifford

“Hello! My name is Maisie and I am a third year Creative and Therapeutic Arts student. To inform my art practice, I will be holding a pop-up shop in Newport Project Space on the 25th November at 1pm to open my practice to female members of the public. I am focusing on feminist protest and protest art work, and have created a series of illustrations so far depicting acceptance of female emotional vulnerability, and encouraging women to feel that it is perfectly fine to feel vulnerable and experience difficult emotions, that this does not in any sense make them ‘weak’ whatsoever. I am inviting women to come down to my stool where I have created some illustrations linking emotions to where you may feel them in/on your body, and I am extremely interested in discovering other people’s experiences of what they feel and where they might feel them; for example ‘what makes your stomach flutter?’ and ‘what gets your heart pumping?’. These are questions that I am encouraging people to answer and talk to me about. These experiences and answers will then be made into illustrations of their own by myself, much like the ones which will be displayed in my space. Consent forms will be provided to inform me whether or not you would like your name in the illustration or you would like it to remain anonymous etc., and so I can also obtain general consent of your participation. There will also be illustrations and drawings which people can keep if they wish! Look forward to seeing you there, thank you!”

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